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Adult Martial Arts Classes Oldbury

Martial Arts Classes for adults went a bit crazy in Oldbury last Sunday with our new “Parent training day” this particular class was asked for by the parents themselves, it was a basic but exciting, fast-moving class aimed at introducing parents to our adult martial art programs also helping the parents to understand some of the techniques we teach to…

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Martial Arts Tournament

Always a nervous time for everyone when students compete in the first Martial Art Tournament, and yesterday was no expection, we had some great little students compete for their first time and win or lose the main thing is stepping on the matt at peforming in front of all those people watching and that is the hardest thing. I always…

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Black Belt Graduation

  The Black Belt Graduation write up is a testament to the students for their hard work, over coming problems & excuses that most people make, such as “I ain’t got a training partner, I ain’t got time, I have to take the kids swimming, I’m on shift….etc”. They have trained hard, they have found the time to train, our school…

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Sedgley SOBB Rocks!

Our Sedgley Martial Arts school has grown not just in number of Students but studentds enthusiasm & determination has grown, The children have prgressed on to striking & new ground fighting skills and the beauty is that they still have smiles on their faces. I really believe they get what the training is about the students have started to rival…

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