SOBB Oldbury Launches it’s Online Academy.

Martial Arts Oldbury - Online Academy
Martial Arts Oldbury – Online Academy

Why have School of Black Belts decided to do an online platform?

The team at School of Black Belts decided to do an online platform, why? Because we felt that everyone’s training time is precious. Now we know this seems like a strange statement; people turn up at a certain time, train and go home. We want to you think about this a little deeper. Have a look at these following points and see what might relate to you:-

  1. Students may not always be able to make a session. 
  2. They may find they want to investigate techniques further. 
  3. The time that they are at the School was not quite long enough.     

The online Academy can give them resources to help them train at home, train in class or study from the sofa. What I mean is they can watch and investigate in their own time. It is important that we make 100% use of our training time and to make it the most beneficial to us as possible. The Online Training Academy will let you become selfish with your training time; it is totally dedicated to you alone and I feel that this is a priority to you. As I said before time is precious and we do not have an abundance of time to waste.

How to benefit and operate the Online Academy.

The Online Academy has many resources. It has the full grade and syllabus from red belt to black belt. This has evolved over many years and has been put together by the team. How will this help me? It has detailed videos about how to practice and display the techniques for your belt test. There are also training videos to help you develop the techniques. There are videos to help your partner and parent hold the focus mitts. 

We suggest that you take time to watch the training videos and practice them slowly and once you are comfortable then  start to pick up the speed in which you perform the techniques. You should repeat watching the videos and comfortably practice the techniques until your belt test. As you progress onto the next belt, you should not forget the previous work and it is imperative you start to integrate it with the new work. The Online Academy is not a replacement for contact training but a great tool to enhance your training. It should be used alongside normal classes.

What we want for you “The Student” from our Online Academy? 

What we want from the Online Academy is that students know exactly what is expected from them and the standard and teachings of School of Black Belts. It will be updated as School of Black Belts evolves. We will add specialised seminars which for example will cover ground work, fight preparation and sparring sessions.

Where/When can you Access the Online Academy?

The Online Academy will be launched on Friday 9th April via a special zoom class/seminar. It will cover how to use the Online Academy and some of the lessons. All of the instructors at The Oldbury School of Black Belts will be sending out a zoom link & on our Facebook Members only site . You can see all of the magic. 

See you guys on Friday.