Our School

The School of Black Belt’s history

The school has been providing the West Midlands martial arts training for over 18 years and is constantly evolving to produce top quality martial artists.

The age of our students range from 3 to 55 years. We pride ourselves on our student service and believe we are the best in being “one of the best” martial arts schools in the West Midlands.

Our team constantly train using other martial art styles and other instructors to maintain their knowledge and ensure their standard is at their very best.

We have produced some of the finest Mixed Martial Art fighters & kickboxers including the most recent children’s Midland and British champions. We also have Kickboxing, Brazilian Jui –Jitsu and Amateur Mixed Martial Arts title holders.

Our partnerships

The School of Black Belts maintains very successful partnerships with schools in the surrounding borough, teaching children our anti-bullying and health and fitness program.

Our martial art styles

Our instructors have studied Sankukai Karate, Kickboxing, Brazilian jiu – Jitsu, Keysi Fighting Method and Mixed Martial Arts.
Oldbury School of Black Belts headquarters

Our headquarters

The school has two well-equipped training rooms (dojos) and a large reception and refreshment area so younger students’ parents can view kickboxing/mma classes while they are in progress.

Our martial arts classes

We provide a range of classes, including kickboxing, boxercise, adults mixed martial arts, mma circuit training as well as a range of kids kickboxing/karate lessons. On entering our school, all new students are offered free private introductory lessons so we are able to find out their exact needs and understand what they would like to gain from their martial arts training.

At our school we are totally confident in our teaching methods and have “one of the best retention rates in the country” – quoted by NEST Management.

We do not expect our clients to be tied into lengthy contracts and so have very easy and simple payment methods.

We also have schools based in Sedgley, Kingswinford and Quinton.

For further information call 0121 544 6600 or use the form on the right to book your free lesson.