Martial Arts for Children for Ages 6 to 8 Years

Little Ninjas Programme for ages 6 to 8 years

Our Martial Arts program for 6 to 8 years combines the techniques of Kickboxing and Karate. At this age our children learn all the fast explosive punches and kicks of Kickboxing but with all the self discipline of Karate. At our school we pride ourselves on having the best teaching programme for 6-8 year olds. The “Little Ninja Programme” is specially designed for young children and follows on from the Little Tiger module and easily adapts the children to fitness but more importantly they have some fun. The techniques we teach Little ninjas have been specially selected for their stage of development, so with some work and effort they can manage to perform them and perform them well.

Kids Martial arts | West Midlands Kickboxing

The thing that separates Little Ninjas from other martial art classes is that it emphasises “life skills”. We use various games and drills to teach the children about important concepts and life skills in a way that is fun and easy to understand. Each week we work on one particular skill or concept, and they are all things that the children use every single day.  The idea is to enhance their lives to help the children make the most of their education, behave better at home and excel in the future. We use the physical movements of the martial arts to develop their physical motor skills in a way that they enjoy and find exciting.

Children are encouraged to compete in our in house tournaments, these are designed as a confidence booster but also it has built School of Black Belts a great team of competitors that regularly compete around the country and on the European stage.

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