Instructor Development Program

Our Instructor Development Program

Martial Arts instruction in the West Midlands has taken a giant leap forward at the School of Black Belts

We have developed an outstanding program that will take current martial artists either student or instructor and develop them to use the successful teaching methods used at School of Black Belts.

Our teaching starts from the class room and goes through to the Dojo floor, the trainee Instructor covers all aspects from teaching children to adult from White Belt to Black Belt.

We teach students from teenager to adult and from all different backgrounds.

Martial Arts Instructor Training at Oldbury

The program starts with classroom planning, floor management & people skills. Then moves in to the more complex work of drill construction & lesson planning then how to run a successful belt graduation. We eventually move onto the more intricate work of running the martial arts  School as a business.
The trainee instructor has immediate hands on training from class warm ups, the main body of the lesson & lesson closure.

All our trainee instructors have to have the following qualities:-

  • Passionate about the martial arts
  • Enjoy keeping fit
  • Eager to learn and  be free of ego.

This is not a quick 12 month course at once a month training it has no quick path, this is a consistent training and monitoring program that will help you develop in to an instructor that is enthused about the Martial Arts and be able to develop exciting classes for your students.

Instructor Development App

To help the trainee instructor we have constructed a very successful Instructor development app in Iphone, Ipad & Android format to aid the instructor on his Martial Art Journey.

The App has excellent video tutorials and detailed explanations on forming complex and basic martial art drills.

It takes the instructor on a journey from the wall to lesson explanation the main body of the lesson and the warm down and the pre-planning for the next lesson.

iPhone App

iPhone App

iPhone App

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