Black Belt Code of Practice

Training for Black Belt is not a race but a journey; too many students wish to achieve Black Belt in the shortest time possible.

At our school this is not the case, your Black Belt is about “completing your apprenticeship”. Once gained it is a time to really start learning, but a certain standard must be achieved before moving on.

Students or parents of students can get inpatient wanting to know “when they or their child can take their Black Belt” and we say it’s not about the test but the training for the test.

Training for your Black Belt must be your personnel world title. It’s about how much effort you put in to training and learning, not just turning up to class and going through the motions.

The most important thing is to enjoy training, set your goals and work for them. Black Belt is about achievement not something you can buy, or by attending a required number of classes in a set time period. Only from hard work and commitment can you achieve this and then the fun really starts.