Black Belt Results!

After a crazy December for SOBB I can finally produce a blog on the “Black Belt results”, this blog really is a continuation of  “the stress of the Black Belt exam” . The students prepared themselves for the 3 hrs physical endurance session, Adults and teenagers battle a grueling 3 hrs exam, which I believe gets harder each year. I observed the mixture of emotions each student went through as they battle to finish. Some people had to be picked put emotional, others physically to me they had come so far that they were not allowed to quit. Achieving Black Belt should be a realisation that they have changed, become positive person joined a select group who never gave up. What was so great about this group was the number on 2nd degree Black belts, who have carried on their training and kept the standard.

We have students who off to further their careers through college and university and what better tool to take with them than their training that they have learnt at our school. We think there is mothing finer than Martial Arts training to help anyone in life.

One great thing that I believe sets up SOBB from the rest of the Martial Arts schools is the ability to carry our own unique style of teaching throughout all our schools. We have welcome Black Belts from our newest school In Solihull, also Sedgley , Kingswinford & Oldbury. This is reason we can graduate such a big number of Black Belts. We have generations of families that train at our schools, we consistanly graduate familes of Black belts and this is what School of Black belts is about.

So from all the instructors at SOBB , we wish you all a Happy New Year and get ready for loads of new  & exciting things coming up.


All photos will be published on our facebook wall so please feel free comment and share!

Adult Kickboxing Black Belts Results
Adult Kickboxing Black Belts
Adult Kickboxing Black Belts Results
Adult Kickboxing Black Belts Results