My Quest to Increase Your training in Martial Arts.

My Quest to Increase your training.
My Quest to Increase your training in Martial Arts..

In my quest to increase you or your child’s martial arts training I have drawn this simply diagram. Why? You may ask. It’s simply and I will be blunt.  80% of children that quit and probably the same with adults quote the same reason…..”He or she just isn’t enjoying it anymore”.  In my 30 years of teaching I still have not got use to anyone quitting on me. I feeling is horrible. It does go away after a day or two. I then go to investigate why they have quit.

The results we found.

The results we found was that they may be only training once a week. Fine I try to accept that in this day and age that children do many other activities. Parents may want them to experience other activities. We had a parent call us the other day enquiring for lessons saying the only day their child can train is Thursday as they do something every other day. The child was 4! I am not joking. Training once a week may be the only solution to get your child to Martial art class.

Life gets in the way.

Life gets in the way, I understand this. Illness, holidays, parties and even the weather. They all contribute and have an effect on you or your child’s training. Then slowly they start to miss certain parts of the work. They start to feel uncomfortable and that the other students are progressing quicker. You or your child feel let down and decide to miss another training session. The skill is to get back on track. The ultimate goal for me is to get you to training more.

Too much effort to get there…so little effort to quit.

It takes so much effort to start and maintain but so little effort to quit. You have paid too much money , effort & time to “throw in the towel.” We as Instructors feel you don’t have this to waste and we hate that you will not achieve the desired results. I am a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I was ready to quit two years ago…I have already told you the reason why. I let life get in the way, stopped regular training. Started to get beat by lower grades, felt Inadequate amongst my training partners. The answer get back on mission, Train more. I feel I am progressing at much faster rate.

Some of our Values:-

We want you to be the best you can be.

We want you to never be complacent.

We want you to plan to better yourself when you mess up.

If you value what we have set out to try and do as a Martial Arts school to try and do. Then increase your training. Remember…The more you do, The better you get & The more you enjoy it.