KickBoxing Oldbury | ISKA Fight Night.

Martial arts for adults from school of Black Belts was at peak performance on Saturday Night, It displayed Ryan Davies & Dean Hosell enter the ring and became victourious against their opponents. Ryan fininshing his opponent in 30 seconds of the 2nd Round & Dean who is 16yrs smashed through his opponent for a 3 round victory. What as amazed me most is the sheer determination of these guys and the team around them. They have trainined 2-3 times a day starting at 6am some mornings. It just goes to show that there is no room for quiters and hard work will always prevail. It still amazes me when people quit because the nights were warm, kids want to play out with their friends but deep down….perhaps it just got a little bit hard? Martial Arts is who we are and always will be, anyone can join in….but not everyone can see it through.

Adult Kickboxing Oldbury
Dean Hosell, stunning win
Adult Kickboxing Oldbury
Ryan Davies Wins Again!

Watch out for the TKA battleground when Zac Smith, Simon Lees & Ryan Davies fight Again! Tickets on sale from Ryan!