Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar – John B Will

What a great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar conducted by John B Will. This is the second time School of Black Belts have hosted John and  he certainly was on top form.  The day was very well attended by our students and friends from around the country. John teaches some interesting concepts and techniques on BJJ, starting from long range takedown working our way to close quarter takedowns. The second part of the seminar was based around the Vale Tudo guard. The class then looked at attacking from the Vale Tudo guard.

John B Will BJJ Seminar
John B Will BJJ Seminar

John’s Teaching Style.

John’s teaching style is very unique. I have never come across a person who could teach complex techniques in the way that is understood by so many people. In my time I have attended various seminars around the country and you would only ever remember about 30% of the curriculum taught (if you are lucky). John’s teaching method ensures that the student can retain the maximum information from the seminar.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar
John B Will unique teaching style

Martial Arts Business Coaching and the 80 / 20 Rule.

Inside the Martial Arts business I believe the 80% of the attributes needed is the ability to teach great classes. Only 20% should be the tools to try the actual business.  I have read many books, attended many seminars on business. Some where good and some were okay. John not only delivered great techniques but the actual teaching strategies were first class. This was better than most business coaching that I have ever received.

My friends agreed that it made them look at the way they actually teach and how they will incorporate the methods in their daily training. I’m not here to repeat to you what John taught , that is up to you to decide if you wish to improve yourself or just let thing pass you by. School of Black Belts don’t have sales strategies other that delivering great classes. I encourage my younger students to attend John B Will’s seminar because I feel that he gives life lessons that they will never receive in school.

Thank you to everyone who supported the day and look forward to John’s return. Check out the photos of the day on our faceBook page.

Remember “it’s all about living in the moment” – John B Will.