Brazilian Jiu Jitsu At Oldbury school of Black Belts With John B Will.

“4 , 6 , 8 times more than the person next to you” - John Bernard Will
“4 , 6 , 8 times more than the person next to you” – John Bernard Will

School of Black Belts HQ had the pleasure of hosting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu pioneer John B Will.  I had great pleasure to attend 4 of John’s seminars on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while he was in England.  Each Seminar had a different theme. They ranged from Leg Locks, Back Control, Crucifix & Guard Sweeps. 

Back Control To Crucifix with John B Will
Back Control To Crucifix with John B Will

As I said the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminars were all different in content, but they all have a common thread. Expert in delivery  of the content. Each seminar I learned more of the history of the techniques, preparation in arriving at the position to execute the techniques. The bonuses of what we learned was “what we do on the matt relates to what we do in life.”

This is I believe you cannot get from looking at techniques from Youtube or facebook. It has to be seen, heard from the man himself. 

John has had many great experience’s of the martial arts through out his career. They are so valuable in our education as instructors and students that you have to hear these direct from him.

The importance of more Reps in the time you have.

While training at the four seminars I attended,  John would pull all the students together and explain his 4, 6 & 8 times rule.  We all have the same amount of time from the richest to the poorest. What we choose to do with that time is the most important. This is easily seen when it comes to training on the matt.

The most productive and successful students are the ones that do more with their time on the matt. All students have the same amount of lesson time. When it comes to performing repetition of the drills or techniques then the student who does more reps either 4 more , 6 more or 8 more than others will become more successful. Times that by how many sessions a week then 52 weeks a year ! You can obviously see how much more practise you are doing. This is a valuable lesson either on or off the matt.

Brazilian Jiu jitsu at Oldbury
John B Will explaining the history of BJJ

It was brilliant to see so many friends from School of Black Belts , Eclipse Kickboxing Academy ,  Warrior Martial arts  & MKG Coventry.  

Sometimes don’t need high profile business seminars to educate & inspire yourself & your staff…just look deep into the martial arts.