School of Black Belts 21st Anniversary.

Catching Lighting in a Bottle.

They say you can’t catch lightening in a bottle but I did…… more than once. To prove is by just looking at our great team of Instructors that are at our schools. Today is our 21st Anniversary of School of Black Belts and really we have not gone through the usual ups and downs but we have being on a constant mission to evolve and become the best at what we do. We have arrived at our current position without gimmicks & false promises but with constant hard work, learning & integrity. On the way we have had the pleasure of training with some world class instructors and guess what….we still train with world class instructors. Our schools are a pleasure to be around and is what we are about. Can anyone replicate this system? Well for me the only way is to love what you do and make sure you teach the best classes you can do…every time!

British Bralizian Jiu Jitsu Championships.

2nd Place at the British BJJ open Championships
2nd Place at the British BJJ open Championships.

This weekend we reached our 21st year, I had the pleasure of watching one of our coaches James Hocknull took 2nd place at the British open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships. Then today six of our fighters went to Eclipse Wolverhampton to compete in the BLCC championships. We won 4 out of the six fights. What an awesome weekend for martial arts at School of Black Belts.

BLCC Fighters at Eclipse Wolverhampton.

BLCC fighters at Eclipse Wolverhampton
BLCC fighters at Eclipse Wolverhampton

I would like to thank our great team for maintaining the passion for the Martial Arts , the students & parents who attend our schools.

I promise to constantly fulfil all your expectations at School of Black Belts and here is to the next 21 yrs because its going to be awesome.