SOBB Kickboxing Grading Results

SOBB KickBoxing Grading Results

On Sunday  three of our schools from SOBB came together and graduated to their next level in the School of Black Belts martial arts system. Students came from Quinton, Sedgley & Kingswinford. What was special about the day was that all the students lived up to the expectations and maintained the standard that is expected from the examiners at School of Black Belts.

here are some of the Kids From Sedgley SOBB
Here are some of the Kids From Sedgley SOBB

Over the past months we have had quite a few students join us from other systems & schools and they all say how much more pleasant it is to train with us, yes the training is hard but if the students and especially the children fear that they are going to get shouted at all the time then they won’t be there for the duration, our graduation system is all about giving the students confidence and not beating them down, helping them to “feel comfortable in feeling un comfortable.”


Some of our older kids graduating.
Some of our older kids graduating.

A highlight of the day for me was our Adult grading that bought together Quinton Adult Kickboxing & Sedgley Adult Kickboxing, this was brilliant , a great display of hard work and I am very proud of all of you. A big thank you to the students, parents , Instructors & back up Team who all helped make the day run smoothly. Next grading in Mid June.

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