Parents & Martial Arts



Parents and martial arts is a great entity when working  together within martial art school, it is sometimes a difficult task for an instructor to get parents to understand what is involved in the martial arts journey. In our very busy child’s schedule, children can have many different after-school activities, And martial arts is often viewed as just another activity. Too many instructors this is a “bitter pill to swallow” but once the parent knows and appreciates that martial arts is not just another activity but a tool help their child grow and to help them achieve other things then this is a great attribute for an instructor and the martial art school to have. I write this article because after watching our martial arts graduation I spoke to many parents who expressed their appreciation of how much time and care we gave their children. They also realised that during the summer holidays many children were away from training and did not think it was fair that their child should graduate if they had not fulfilled the correct requirements & the right amount training lessons. I believe that this is a great gift to have within the school and once parents realised this then the School and the children will grow with great strengths.

I wish to thank all the parents for their patients and watching their children progress along the martial arts journey, as you may notice not all children progress at the same rate and at the same time but with the consistency of training they get there in the end.

Kids & Parents Martial arts
Kids & Parents Martial arts