Martial Arts Graduation Results.

Our “Martial Arts Graduation” was held at Oldbury School of Black Belt HQ yesterday for our junior grades, despite the large about of first time graduates which cause a “little” delay, the day was well received by the parents, as we highlighted the importance of being “comfortable at being uncomfortable”. The students display their core basics & focus mitt training. It was amazing for me to see how well the 4-6 yr old students coped with the pressure of a performing their techniques in front of over a 100 people spectating.

Children 4-6 yrs Graduation
White & Red Belt Graduation !!!
Our Adults perform with great enthusiasm , it shows that School of Black Belts is not only just about developing children but bringing the adults into the world of martial arts.

I am truly excited about seeing everyone at their next stage of training in 3 months. A big thank you to all the Instructors involved and especially the parents for supporting our Martial arts School.

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