KickBoxing and Black Belt Graduation 2017.

Black Belt Graduation
The beginning of the Black Belt Graduation 2017


The KickBoxing and Black Belt Graduation 2017 was originally scheduled for December. Due to the bad weather the event was postponed till January 2018. This did not stop the students displaying a great standard of the school of Black Belts martial arts code.

Kingswinford Kids KickBoxing Grading.

The Kingswinford Kids Kickboxing grading has constantly progressed to a very high standard. The level of training has intensified   from the Little Ninja programme to the Kids kickboxing programme. At The Kingswinford School of Black Belts I find that the parents understand the importance of our Martial Arts. It is easy to Kickboxing or karate in the same category as other children activities.

Pad work for Kids Kickboxing
Kingswinford kids working the focus mitts.


We encourage all feedback and welcome the parents to watch the classes and see their children progression. At this point I would like to thank the parents for their support. It make our work seem a lot easier knowing that parents appreciate what we are trying to achieve. Due to a number of children graduating to the higher level we have now moved a number of students to the higher class.

Kids KickBoxing Graduation Video.


Sedgley KickBoxing Adult and Kids Grading.

The Sedgley Adult and Kids KickBoxing Grading have always shown a high level of skill. This was our first satellite school and has being successfully running for 8 years. The split class with the Sedgley Ninjas have being a great success in preparing them for the higher levels. The Graduation has shown the parents the hard work that the children has put in to achieving their next level.

Sedgley Kids Kickboxing Grading
Sedgley Kids Kickboxing Grading
Adult KickBoxing Grading
Adult kickboxing Grading.
This Says it all!


Our Adult Kickboxing grading was brilliant. Russell quoted ” The standard of technique and enthusiasm to the grade was electric!” he said is was a great pleasure conducting the test. Our Adult and teenage turned up to class ready to “smash the evening” . This is what martial arts is about . The above photo says it all, I always encourage my students to constantly push themselves.

The Black Belt Graduation.

Our initial thoughts on The Black Belt Graduation were that the momentum from the first part of the test would be lost. This did not happen. The Students were still as hungry for the second part of the test.  At this point would I like to thank the parents and students who were involved the the graduation for their patience and constant support of the event.

The Essential basics of the Black belt Graduation
The Essential basics of the Black belt Graduation


Students and parents make the the Black Belt Graduation to be a very stressful experience. Until they actually do the test , then they find that it has help change and improve them. It helps the student to become a better martial artist and person. Only continuous training helps the student to develop. The training at School of Black Belts in always enjoyable, the tests should be embraced. Not Feared!

The Graduation examiner was Mr Martin Cope of Eclipse Kickboxing Academy. Martin is a sixth degree Black Belt in Kickboxing & also a 1st Degree in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Martin come from an “old school martial arts” where the training and belt test where very physical . That is exactly what he wanted to see at the graduation. Students had to show the ability to turn on the speed , power & control within the sparring. I would like to thank Martin for his kind words about the school and his inspiration talk.  We look forward to have him back again.

I dont feel I have to go on about how good everyone was….you can see that from the videos. I just hope that students can maintain their level on training. Its important to keep a balance of physical activity , diet and a positive attitude in life. It easy to fall of mission. Don’t fall into the trap of saying ” I could have done that or  I was at my fittest when i was with you” . Life does get in the way its up to you to stay one the path.

Going for it ...The Black Belt Test.
Going for it …The Black Belt Test.


I would like to thank Clarke Printing for the hard work on the design of our the high class Black Belt Certificate and Luca Photography for some stunning pictures of our Black Belt grading. Please see our School of Black belts FaceBook Page. And don’t forget to please share.