John B Will – Surround Yourself with Excellence.

Surround Yourself  With Excellence

John B Will - surround yourself with Excellence
Surround yourself with excellence

If there is one piece of advice I can give anyone when starting on a journey to better themselves is to “surround yourself with excellence” , the more you have positive people around you the easier it is to combat negative energy, and that is what happened at the John B Will seminar held at School of Black Belts HQ on Sunday, John may have started to lose his voice but his enthusiasm & energy was “2nd to none.” Students were either advanced or beginners to some of the techniques he taught but they all understood and got them by the end of the day. He not only taught some great techniques from standing to clinch, body lock to takedowns and ground sub mission but we were also treated to some of John’s many philosophys of life & training mentally. He also spercifically talked to the younger students about goals setting and to never drift away from “The Mission”.  I would like to thank my many friends who travelled from Lincoln, Milton Keynes, Coventry, Sheffield & Ascot I even had a close friend leave the British BJJ Nationals to attend but also our great gang of SOBB students who gave up their own time & effort to make the day a brilliant success. To some people it may seem like an effort and too much hassle to spend 3 hrs of their life in a class with someone they have never met before, but those of you that are willing to take the plunge into this crazy way of life then this is a small price to pay to help you on your quest for greatness. We all look to forward to having John B Will back with us next year and wish him well.