John B Will – A beautiful day to Attacking the Mount.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon….and what better way to spend it than with John B Will conducting a seminar on Attacking the Mount position. Also playing some serious Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I have hosted many seminars at our school but none have had a post reaction from the students like this session. My aim was to introduce John’s teaching methods, philosophy & great stories to as many of my fellow martial artists as possible. I was nervous but excited by the amount of people that said they would attend and 90% showed up. The other 10% missed a great day.

Now most Brazilian Jiu jitsu practitioners can say “ they know too many attacks from the mount already” and “ they know so many ways to get to the mount”. Guess what? Everyone in the dojo hadn’t seen this variation of techniques. Every time I have attended John’s seminar’s I see a bunch of “new stuff” that I’ve never seen before, and it’s not just the “stuff” its how its delivered. Everyone I spoke to said they can remember the whole day’s lesson. Not just bits. John took time to walk around and speak to everyone making sure that everyone “got” the technique before they moved on to the next.

It's not just the techniques
It’s not just the techniques.

It’s not just the techniques!

Now I love seeing new teaching methods and techniques but It’s not just the techniques. What I like to do is expose them to a true Martial Artist’s way. John’s ideologies and philosophy are a great reflection on the way I teach, conduct myself and operate our schools. I in turn wanted my training partners to experience this.


It's the way that its delivered.
It’s the way that its delivered.

Everyone has not stopped talking about the day…so to me the stress of organising the event and the refurbishment of the school was worth it. What I loved the most was having my friends under one roof training and having a great time in a cool relaxed enviroment. At this moment in time… for me….is what Martial Arts and being an Instructor is about.




This sums up the day.
This sums up the day.

A Big Thank You

I would like to give a big thank you to John and his wife Melissa for visiting us and being a great inspiration to so many people. Thanks to my training partners & everyone that attended… you lot helped make the day a blast. Thanks to my gang who helped organise the day and the crazy crew who sorted out the last minute refurbishments.

I will be up loading quite a few photos from the day thanks to our Luca for shooting then.