“I Know a Black Belt…….Really?”
said Mick Tully.

Black Belt Graduation.

Sorry its taken so long for my write up of the Black Belt Graduation. The week has been a whirlwind and catching up with everyone’s views on how the day went. I would like to say how grateful we all are with the thanks and wonderful comments that you have all bestowed on us. We cannot take all the praise for ourselves. It must be shared amongst the students, the parents and partners of the students. Without their support a lot of the students would have found it hard to carry on with their training for so long. So once again I thank you for all your support.

The External Examiner.

Our external Examiner Mick Tully conducted a great exam and a wonderful motivational speech on becoming a Black Belt. Opening up with “everyone knows someone who knows someone that has a 8 yr old Black Belt, your response should be really?” he continued “are they really a Black Belt…do they have what it takes to be a Black Belt?” , “ have they trained day in and day out for the past 12 months in preparation for the test or have they just trained once a week….” tell me are they really a Black Belt. This is a big part of what it is to becoming a Black Belt. He finished by saying that the students should consider themselves Black Belts. They have shown a great skill and character.

Part one of the test are so special that we have had at the best group of Black Belts we have ever trained at or school, the standard has being set very high.

Part two of the test was a great display of compulsory techniques of Basics, Focus mitt drills & sparring. All the Black Belts are back training hard. I feel satisfied that they have embraced what the journey is about and the continuity of training is essential.