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Smiling Faces!

These past two days have been brilliant…..you may ask why because our schools opened back up for the new year and all I saw was “Smiling Faces” , people full of life & energy. I taught tonight and Kingswinford School of Black Belts showing the children everything from “Funky take downs” to “Superman Punches” then off the Oldbury school to…

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Daniel Lowe | ISKA British Championships

Daniel Lowe represented School of Black Belts at the ISKA British Championships, he battle through opponents to reach the final only to miss the 1st place by 2points but if you watch the video the final two points don’t get scored…………Daniel and his brother Jack have being at our school for many years and are shinning examples of Martial Artists…

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Micheal Bisping UFC | The Body Expo

Last weekend i had the chance of meeting Micheal Bisping, even though he had spoken to 1000’s of people that weekend he took his time to ask about what we did, our schools etc, He never seemed like he rushed us away, Perhaps a lesson for all Instructors when talking to your students. Sometimes we can all forget who we…

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