Black Belt Test 2017

The Black Belt Test 2017 part 1 was taken in early December at Our Martial Arts Headquarters in Oldbury. May I say the bar had being set very high this time. Students take part in the 3 hour exam covering Endurance, Martial arts Basics , Pad work & Sparring. The atmosphere is always a cold one amongst students and people watching. This is a test after all.

Black Belt Test Video

The above video shows how serious the day was. The students have put some hard training hours in towards this day.  Every year I find myself repeating the same words ….”we have nothing to gain by giving away a Black Belts but I have a big reputation to lose if we do”. I still stand by these words and hard training is the only key.  You don’t get this far by just turning up and going thorough the motions. If you want to better yourself then you have to push yourself more than the average person.  The Next part of the exam will be on January 14th 2018. The students display their Martial Arts fundamentals in front of an external examiner. Beet of Luck to all!