Solihull Kids KickBoxing Grading.


The Grading exam at Solihull Kids KickBoxing grading went off with a bang last month. It was excellent to see the range of children from 6 to 16yrs go through their paces of the syllabus. I was invited to conduct the grading by School of Black Belt Instructors Ryan Davies & Ashleigh Lloyd. They currently run the  Solihull Martial arts school.  What I immediately notice the same technique , excitement & culture of all the other schools within the School of Black Belts group.

Solihull Kids Grading Pad Work
Solihull Kids Grading Pad Work

Ryan Davies professional Boxer

Ryan has being one of our students for 14yrs. He is not only a world Kickboxing Champion , a full Instructor at School of Black Belts but also turned Professional Boxer over 12 months ago. It was a amazing to see the same sharpness in their techniques that Ryans displays with in his fights. All children have great enthusiasm throughout the grade.  This is one of the main attributes I look for. Our next goal is to encourage the children to more compete in our in house tournaments with our other students. This will give them great confidence.


Ashleigh Lloyd takes a Great Class.

The class was split in two sections for students grading and for the students attending normal class. I watched one of our junior Instructors Ashleigh Lloyd take the class.  Ashleigh teaches the class in the same manor as Ryan. It showed that our instructors have a good understanding on how we teach our Martial Arts at School of Black Belts .

For The Future.

For the future I will be visiting more to the Solihull school of Black belts a lot more. The students are a great pleasure to teach and in my opinion a fine example of what is expected at our schools.  I would like to congratulate Ryan and Ashleigh on a great job in producing fine students.