Junior Martial Artist Accomplishes his goals!

Junior Martial Artist Accomplishes his goal & Shows how Martial Arts Children Deal With Stresses Of Today.

Children of today are exposed to many stresses of day to day living, they are created by family, teachers or peers. How they deal with these stresses is a complete different storey. For most children they soak it up but instead of turning the stress in to positive energy , they hold on to it and worry about it. This can cause instability in their everyday life, their relationship with family & friends, their school work and outside hobbies can be effected. Martial Arts taught correctly helps give the children a positive focus point, encouraging them to never give up on goals. With goals & ambitions set correctly a child can maintain a happy balance life. For me the Martial Arts way is not just about the belt system, even though it is a great bench mark of a students ability, but the constant productive training, the right encouragement will strength to the child’s self confidence.

LIam Hewitt accomplishing his goals
LIam Hewitt accomplishing his goals

One such student who has achieved great self confidence is Liam Hewitt of our Kingswinford Martial arts school. Through the summer he had to play football for his local team, try to maintain his kickboxing training and auditioned for the role of “Michael” in the theatre production of Peter Pan, as the summer holidays ended we could see the pressure & stress getting to him, for 9 year old this was a lot to deal with. He also had a hard purple belt grading coming up and this added to the stress. He started to doubt his abilities, my job was to get rid of his negative energy by encouraging him, letting him know that he had still “got what it takes” to be a Martial Artist, it didn’t take long for the smile to come back on his face & his great energy back. He got the part of “Michael” , took extensive flight school training for the part & smashed through his purple belt grade. This was only achieved with liam’s self belief, the support of his family & the encouragement of the instructors at School of Black Belts. I believe any child can achieve great things but they have to be constantly supported & encouraged because it would of being easy for instructors to let this problem pass by but it’s out job to identify potential problems and help, after all this was the contract we as instructors entered in when we took on the job as instructor, mentor or coach.
We are all very proud of Liam & his family, we wish him well in his theatre performance this November.