Martial Arts Belt Testing Results.

Kids Ninja Belt test
Martial arts Belt Test

Martial arts belt testing was at a great level on Sunday at Oldbury HQ. We tested Children from 7-9 yrs , 10-13 years and adults. The group were mainly going for advance grades. You could tell right from the go that they were eager for the test and they knew they would smash it. Luca put the children through an intense exam , especially the basics. We emphasise a lot on basics because the is your ingredients of the Martial Arts…the first step and should never be forgotten. Students must train left and right side accordingly. I mentioned that if they have trouble doing certain techniques off one side then they should take responsibility and ownership of the technique and practise it.

Applying the Attitude
Applying the attitude.

Apply The Attitude!

Apply the Attitude to your belt testing. Students should be embracing the challenge with confidence. This is a test after all and should not be taken lightly. All the students on the day worked really hard for their belt. At the beginning of the year we have introduced a new grading structure. From feedback and student grade analysis we believe that this was the right step forward.

The next grading is on Sunday 11th September. Please see your instructor for details.