Kids Martial Arts for Ages 9 to 12 Years

Kids Martial Arts for ages 9 to 12 years

Our Kids Karate/Kickboxing program has become so successful, it has helped produce children to great levels in life from World Kickboxing champions to University graduates. Many children find conventional sports boring or just don’t enjoy them, so often something a little ‘different’ like Kickboxing or Karate will appeal to them.

The kids kickboxing class gives them absolutely top class fitness training that is geared towards their stage of development and takes care of their growing bodies.

We don’t do exercises that damage their bodies – for instance if you see a juniors class doing ‘forced stretching’ (stretching exercises where a partner pulls or pushes you into a stretch) run a mile, as young muscles and connective tissues are still soft and stretching like this can cause permanent damage! All our training methods are safe and non-damaging; your child needs their body to last the rest of their life.

A very important part of fitness training for us is ‘mental fitness’. We think it is just as important as physical fitness.
Our training will stimulate their mind, making them more aware, able to react faster and think more quickly.
We like to think that your child will hopefully never need to use their self defense skills, but the other skills we give them will get used in almost everything that they do and help them to excel in life.

As with all our classes your child’s first two lessons are free of charge. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you would like to discuss our classes or book a space for your child.

Kids Kickboxing / Children’s Karate Tournament Practice

Your child has the opportunity to be a part of our top team. This involves extra commitment from your child but they have the opportunity to compete at club, national and international level.

For further information call 0121 544 6600 or use the form on the right to book your free lesson.