Adults Fitness & Circuit Training


Saturday mornings, 11:30am at Oldbury school of Blackbelts is the place to be to take your fitness to the next level.

Whether you are a complete beginner with a low level of fitness at the start of your gym life, or a complete athlete just wanting to take yourself to that next point in your fitness journey. Our fitness classes are the places to be for all.

With a mixture of equipment, bodyweight, solo, and group work on offer, no two sessions are the same. Keeping things fresh, exciting and making it worthwhile chasing your own individual goals.
Classes provide a basis to improve your; Cardiovascular fitness, functional strength, muscular endurance, co-ordination, flexibility all whilst improving your confidence in your own abilities, facilitating weight loss, toning your muscles, and most importantly having fun in a friendly, inviting, professional atmosphere.

We have classes available every Saturday at 11.30am.

For further information call 0121 544 6600 or use the form on the right to book your free lesson.