Belt Test or Graduation?

Have  Instructors watered down the grading system?

Belt test …a graduation or Celebration ? Have Instructors watered down the grading system in martial arts school for the sake of keeping the numbers up?…..As martial arts schools have developed in size some instructors have chosen to steer away from the traditional  grading or belt test to a more high school style graduation. Perhaps its the fear of losing a student if they fail them. I strongly believe that some sort of test should be taken prior to the graduation or students are just getting belts for turning up.
This is Martial Arts after all a certain skill level must be met. A student should be taken out of the comfort zone , a little pressure should always be added. If an Instructor really values their student then :-

1. Teach them don’t just show.
2. let the student know what they need to do to improve.
3. If they need more time to reach the level then let them grade the next time.

This is the instructor’s legacy so I believe the instructor should make it his or her duty to produce the best students to their ability.

An Excellent Standard
An Excellent Standard

An excellent Standard!

An excellent standard was achieved from three different School of Black Belt Centres. The students pushed themselves in front of examiners , parents & friends. Yes if they would have quit through the session…they would have failed, Yes if they repeatedly made mistakes in displaying their basics…they would have failed. They pushed through the session,  smashing everything thats thrown at them. At the end of the day everyone celebrated the win. The kids had shown concentration & determination. These are two main attributes that are taught to the children.



Amazing Adult Students
Amazing Adult Students

Amazing Adult Students.

We have amazing adult students….they turn up every week put their full attention into the training, they sweat but have a great time. I was really proud at this belt test to see how well the have done. How do we achieve this type of student  because we have “amazing” instructors.

I would just like to thank our great coaches that covered classes last week . Darren Whitehouse, Stevie Rhodes & Beth Henley . This is why we are the No.1 Martial Arts School.

Check out School of Black Belts Facebook Page for some photos from the day.