A Light Bulb Moment.

bulbThe More, Enjoy & Better.


Last week I attended my usual quarterly Business development meeting with the team from Results Rule UK, where I met Olympic Champion Dr Danielle Brown MBA, she lightly brushed over the subject of how she got into archery and how she became the 2 x times Olympic champion 2 times. As I was listening intensely to her story , she came out with a phrase about her training, which went like this, “ the more I did, the better I got, the better I got …the more I enjoyed it” …..click! “The light Bulb moment.” The more you enjoyed it, the better you got , the better you got the more you did!


I know we all go through “the plateau” in training, learning & life but if you aren’t getting to the consistent in your approach then More, Enjoy & Better will never appear.


This must be our answer towards our problems when faced with our Martial arts training….train as often as you can, because the more you do the better you will get and the better you get the more you will enjoy it!