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School of Black Belts – Sedgley

Sedgley Kids Karate | Little tigers

Sedgley Kids Martial arts looked awesome last night, the little tigers was crazy..it was amazing to see how kids so young would concentrate so well. You must bear in mind that these children are between 2 and 5 years old. They do a 45 minute class not 30 minutes like others do. I witnessed the cool Martial Arts Kids do…

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Kickboxing West Midlands | Sedgley Grading

What a heavy weekend of Martial Arts on Sunday we Had Dean Hosell travel to Birmingham to fight at the Kwon Grand Slam, competing for tonly the 2nd time but taking gold out . Dean is has become a great credit to our school training nearly every day. Our student battled the snow to complete their grading, this was especially…

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