The School of Black Belts students are back!

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The School of Black Belts students are back!

It has been a tough time in the 3rd Covid 19 lockdown but April 12th came around and before we knew the students came knocking.

With out any effort students were booked in and could not weight it to get back in to class. If anything, it felt like we had not been away but some students and suffered. They had become anxious & isolated. They had again gotten out the routine. The Team at School of Black Belts had worked hard to minimise the stress of been away from their fellow martial art friends.

The amazing zoom classes 

We had constructed specialised zoom classes that kept our students motivated but also learning our new martial arts curriculum. The syllabus has been designed to keep our students constantly learning new curriculum. This helped them not only keeping fit but also mental analysing the work. 

The benefits of coming back to School of Black Belts.

The benefits of coming back to School of Black Belts have given our students a chance to reset their goals, to once again feel positive. They also have a great way of channeling themselves and push beyond most other peoples limits. 

Online Academy

We have also contracted Online Academy. This will give a student access to all the new syllabus work required from beginner to Black Belts. All SOBB students receive a 50% off all programs on the online Academy.  For more information on the SOBB Online please message us.!

I cannot express how happy our team were with everyone that came back within the first week of reopening. We now look forward to a great future for everyone that is in pursuit of excellence.