Oldbury KickBoxing Grading and its key Elements of success.

Oldbury Adult Kickboxing
Adults at Oldbury Kickboxing Grading

The Oldbury Kickboxing grading once again the standard has set very high for the Oldbury Kickboxing Intermediate grading. Children and Adults went through and heavy session of compulsory basics, Then pad work and then finishing off with sparring.  Grading or Belt test are essential for our schools constant monitoring of the standard of martial arts at our schools. Many schools grade in different ways but I feel the best way is the “old way”.  Everyone from the students to the parents can see the standard and remark on it’s quality. The is no hiding behind the belt once you get on the matt.

Grading Curriculum and Standards.

Grading Curriculum and Standards
Grading Curriculum and Standards

A grading is the key measurement of the school’s production of good quality students, we have a consistent high number of graduates….why? because we apply all our effort into teaching great quality classes. This is not something that you can learn  in a few weeks from a business seminar. It has to be a part of your core values and culture of your school. Other schools may apply all their effort into marketing but lose their students after a short while because they cannot fulfil the students expectations.

The ingredients of the belt test.

The ingredients of the belt test.
The ingredients of the belt test.

The 3 ingredients or 3 key elements to the belt test are

  1. The core basics element :- making sure the are performed with the right amount of detail required.
  2. The pad work element:- this not only shows the basics applied by the student punching the pads but by the student holding the pads. The student holding the pads show understanding of the drill.
  3. The sparring element:- The sparring element should be done with right amount of control, depending of the level of the student testing. It should show also the applied techniques of the belt test.

This will never be achieved if the instructors lack this understanding of the teaching methods and the core values of your school. So throw away your business books and get training,  keep training then applying the knowledge you have learned from your coach or instructor.