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Our Kingswinford Martial Arts schools teaches the award winning Little Tigers Program for 2-4 years, Little Ninjas Karate 5-7 years and Karate / Kickboxing for kids for 7 years and above. We also offer Kickboxing for Adults and Teenagers.  The Kingswinford Kickboxing school offers a great opportunity to bring our successful martial arts teaching methods to Kingswinford area.

The Kingswinford School of Black Belts opened in March 2010 and is quickly becoming premier west midlands family activity. We created the same unique atmosphere and feeling that students had experienced at our main school in Oldbury and our Sedgley and Quinton School of Black Belts.

Kingswinford Kids Kickboxing

Kingswinford Kids Kickboxing

The kingswinford Kickboxing school take safety seriously has its own mats for students  to train on. Students from our Kingswinford Martial Arts school can also travel to our Headquarters to train in our specialized squad training sessions that are held on a weekend. These sessions are FREE and help develop and encourage the student to take part in tournaments. who started training at the Kingswinford school and who have previously trained at our headquarters as well as the Sedgley school will tell you that nothing has changed.

Kingswinford Kids 4-6 years Karate/Kickboxing

Kingswinford Kids 4-6 years Karate/Kickboxing

They are aware that it is the students and instructors that make the school – not the building.

School Location

The Source Youth Centre, Barnett Lane, Kingswinford, DY8 5PY


Kingswinford – School of Black Belts – Class Times

3:30 pm
3:45 pm
4:15 pm
4:30 pm
5:00 pm
5:15 pm
5:45 pm


The Source Youth Centre is a warm, clean, comfortable setting and ideally suited for the range of kickboxing and martial arts classes we teach. Matted flooring is used to ensure children’s safety as well as for ground work practice. Due to increased demand, classes have grown from one class to three classes per training night.

Students are given the opportunity to attend regular seminars at our headquarters every month where we explore in depth the different aspects of our martial arts system. This also allows students to mix and train with students from the other schools and helps create a sense of belonging.

Students are graded at our headquarters every 3 months (for beginner grades) and every 6 months (for advanced grades). Family and friends are invited and the day is made extra special with various events and guest instructors.

For further information or to book your free lesson call 0121 544 6600.

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