Kingswinford School

School of Black Belts – Kingswinford

Adult Martial Arts Classes Oldbury

Martial Arts Classes for adults went a bit crazy in Oldbury last Sunday with our new “Parent training day” this particular class was asked for by the parents themselves, it was a basic but exciting, fast-moving class aimed at introducing parents to our adult martial art programs also helping the parents to understand some of the techniques we teach to…

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Kids KickBoxing Squad Training

Kids kickboxing Squad training was a blast yesterday at School of Black Belts HQ in Oldbury, we were overwhelmed with the amount for students from our satelite schools, for some it was their first that they had trained with our Instructors Danny Lowe & Ryan Davies, It was 1 & 1/2 hours of intense tournament style training , rangeing from…

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Kingswinford Kickboxing/Karate Rocks!

SOBB Kingswinford Kickboxing / Karate rocked last sunday…..the examiners couldnt get over how well all the students have improved, the focus and determination of the students have truely excelled, the parents of the students have really taken on board the importance of the martial art training and now can see the great benefits it provides. It is such a joy…

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Kingswinford Kids Karate/Kickboxing Grading

Thanks to everyone who made it through the traffic to get to the Martial Arts belt test held at Oldbury School of Black Belts. We were very proud of the students, this last quarter has seen the children pushing their training to the max and you could see by yesterdays performance that it paid of here is some little video…

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